Front of box

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Front of box

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  • barry

    i’m an oldtimer that recently got into computers.
    so i decided i needed this inexpensive netbook instead of carrying around my more expensive laptop.

    after fooling with it and its slowness and limitations i realized i’m dealing with “webtv” all over again except now i have portability and wifi:>)

  • firestorm_v1

    Hello Barry:

    Unfortunately, you are pretty much correct. It’s like webtv however at least this version allows for some customization. When I used my device on regular occasions, I would use it to access the serial ports (via serial to USB adapter) of Cisco switches and other network equipment. I now have an Asus Eee 900 and its capabilities (while still “limited” far exceed the Sylvania’s.

    Happy Hacking


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