Mod the Nerf Maverick to eject chamber right

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Well, I will admit that I’ve been slacking a lot.  There are posts that need to be posted, and I’ve been extremely busy at work.  So, to make up for it, today’s going to be a two-post day!.    In this post, I’ll demonstrate how to modify the Nerf Maverick chamber to work properly like a real revolver.  Read on for a complete step-by-step guide to this basic Nerf mod.


I recently got my hands on the new Maverick which is Nerf’s response to the demand for a revolver-type handgun for nerf fanatics. The drawback is while they could have gone all the way with their design they did not pay enough attention to one critical issue: loading time. The Nerf Maverick is a pain to load because you have to pop out the chambers as with a standard revolver but  the Maverick’s chambers only come out about an inch, giving you visibility to put in about 2 darts without needing to rotate the chamber.   My hack will give you visibility to 4 of the 6 chambers in the gun.

This gun shoots remarkably well given the really short pneumatic piston in comparison to the other guns I have.  This leads me to wonder why the other ones suck as far as range is concerned, but that will have to wait for another day and another hack.

Required Tools and Parts:

  • A fine-tipped screwdriver
  • A knife of some sort
  • A $3,000 CDROM repair tool. (straightened paper clip.)
  • Optional: A sharpie or other marking pen
  • Total Cost: ~$8.99 (there are no parts required.)


    The Nerf Maverick’s chambers only come about an inch as shown below. I think we could do better.load1


    The disassembly starts off with removal of the grey slide at the top of the gun. Lay the gun on the table with the chambers pointing to the right, remove the three screws and gently remove the half of the slide facing you. Set it aside.
    Now you are safe to remove the rest of the screws. When I came across this step, I had to use the knife to gently seperate the two halves. You will want to keep that other half of the slide against the other half of the plastic frame as there is a small spring that is connected to the silver pin that makes up the slide. This is not the end of the world if you manage to seperate it, but you will need to use the paper clip to re-string it if it flies off. Thankfully the other end is attached to the frame by a

    Now that you have the gun opened, you will need to carefully remove the chambers. This can be done, but it will take a bit of finesse. Below is the front of the chamber assembly.
    This is the back of the revolver. The hexagonal shape matches with the orange hexagon advancer in the body of the gun.
    This is the mating orange advancer and the pneumatic piston for firing the darts.
    This picture shows the chamber in the gun, with the chamber in place for firing. By messing around with it a bit, we can see the plastic that needs to be removed.
    With the chamber seperated, take the red sharpie and highlight the rounded plastic edge to remove.
    Take the sharpie and highlight the little square next to the advancer and the piston.
    Take your knife and remove the two pieces of plastic. Be warned that the plastic is tough, so don’t cut yourself. You want to get it as smooth as possible so that way it doesn’t foul up the chamber’s movements. This is a shot of the chamber with the plastic removed.
    And another shot of the plastic removed next to the advancer.
    Reassemble the gun, and revel in the fact that your Nerf revolver now works closer to a real revolver!



    While I’m not quite sure why Nerf didn’t implement this in their original design, it wasn’t exactly rocket surgery to make it happen.  I think that this makes the Maverick this much more useful as when you’re in a firefight with the rest of the members of the household, the last thing you have time to do is reload. 😛

    Happy Nerfing, everyone!


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    • Thatron

      Great job, I did this at the same times as the air restricter mod and everything is working great. It will really help for zombies!

    • firestorm_v1

      Hello Thatron:

      Thank you for your comment about the nerf mods. I was very disappointed when I got my mavericks and they didn’t pop out like a real revolver so I made this guide. I was planning on making a speedloader as well, but unfortunately life has gotten in the way. If I get the opportunity to follow through, I will definitely post a howto here.



    • thung rac

      did this, now the barrels won’t align correctly; it sometimes it will shoot a good one; sometimes it’s a dud.

      What can I dỏ

    • asemoseness

      if you don,t mind my friend wants a hack for deploy 6s6

    • asemoseness

      after doing the mod it does not work please help

    • firestorm_v1

      Hello asemoseness:

      I was unable to find the product you described, do you have a link you can send me? I guarantee nothing at this point, but I’ll at least give it a look.


    • firestorm_v1

      Hello asemoseness:

      What kind of problem are you having?